FAQ about our handcrafted beach skirt cover-ups, beachwear and essentials

- how do i know what size skirt to order?
our beach skirts are available in four sizes xs-s-m-large.  the xs fits most 0-2, small 2-4, medium 4-6, large 8-10.  if you are more curvaceous, we suggest going up one size, as our drawstring skirts do not have an opening.  they need to easily slip over your thighs and hips.

- do the beach skirts fit as babydoll tops for everyone?  
the simple answer is no.  beached™ skirts are not intentionally designed as a convertible or maternity top.  however, customers have been known to easily pull the skirt up as a top!  we hope you can too!

- my beached™ skirt is unfinished and has a lot of strings hanging.
the frayed, raw hem is an intentional design.  as your beach skirt ages, the fraying will continue, just like your favorite cut offs.  feel free to trim them to your liking.

- can i have my beach skirt shortened?
currently, we do not alter skirts with each order, as that would be considered custom and would be in a different price category and non-refundable.  however, you can always shorten the skirt to your preference, just like you would take scissors to your other favorite items

- can i wash my beached™ apparel in the machine?  
due to the delicate nature of some of the fabrications used to craft each skirt, we advise a simple cold water hand wash separately, followed by hang or flat dry.  do not bleach.

- can i iron my beachwear?
you can iron bandeau wrap tops as you would any other cotton garment. for our beached™ skirts, we do not suggest ironing, as you might damage some of the more intricate or delicate fabrications.  if you are certain you've purchased an all cotton/linen beach skirt design, you can test a small area on low heat before proceeding.  do not starch.

- when is beached™ custom made just-for-you going to be available?
we are working on sourcing the best and most elaborate fabric assortment before introducing our custom-made program to consumers.  sign up to be among the first to receive an email about our launch.