the ditty

thank you for visiting us at BEACHED™,  a carefully curated collection of handcrafted beachwear, cover ups, summer apparel and other essentials, specifically created for that weekend in paradise.  

we know the options for your shopping choices are endless, so it's important to us to offer you something you won't, can't, find anywhere else.  we also understand that no two personalities are alike, and we aim to appeal to everyone's sense of style.  our signature handcrafted beach skirts are designed to be unique, just like you, and we're proud to be the small, home grown, indie brand behind it.

after spending decades in the fashion industry, our only current ambition is to find ourselves planted somewhere on a beach, any beach.  that brought to mind, what would we really need to pack besides our bikini (and good tunes). that thought became an idea, the idea became a brand, the brand became BEACHED™.

our beachwear collection is handcrafted with impeccable craftsmanship, quality and detail, a vision of the moment and mood, using premium fabrics sourced from, well, everywhere.  our products are handcrafted in nyc in a casual environment, never in a factory, never mass produced, and only offered in limited availability.  once sold out, a unique BEACHED™ skirt design cannot be reproduced.  how many garments in your closet can you say that about?  

so, now that you've made it here, take a moment and cruise our current collection.  we hope you find something that fits your personality and we can be a part of your summer festivities and travel adventures.  if what's on hand isn't your thing, hopefully you'll come back and visit us again.  or, feel free to drop us a line with some inspirational ideas!  who knows, maybe we'll name a new design after you!  in any case, don't go by us, because we own, love and wear them, and think you'll have difficulty choosing just one color/design - so choose two!

BEACHED:  it's a way of life.

BEACHED™ skirts:  you don't need much in paradise, but you'll want one of these