i'm so over it, and it's only january 5th

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christmas and new year's eve were so last week.  it's five days into 2019, i have barely brought out my snow boots, but i'm over it.  any signs of the holiday were boxed up and put away by january 2.

i want, no, i NEED, the beach.  the thought that i won't feel the warmth of the sun and sand for another six months is a thought i can't bear.

we typically take a vacation over new year's eve every year for two weeks, usually to mexico, which gets me through until about mid-february before i begin my meltdown. this year, we stayed close to home while i recover from an accident i had (i'm coming along, thanks), and i think i'm going to burst.  i need to feel the sunshine on my face while i stare out at the ocean and reflect.  i miss seagulls.  (well, not really, but don't you love the sound of them on the beach?)  i long to put on a tank, beach skirt (of course!) and a pair of flip flops.  i want to smell bbq.  i want to feel the cool wind mixed with the hot sun.  i want to smell like beach. i miss grilled corn on the cob.  hiking.  and i don't even hike.  but i'd like to.  and if i did, i'd be really missing it right now. i want to want ice cream. i don't want to look out of my window at 4:30 into the evening darkness.  i hate bundling up.  i hate hat hair.  i hate freezing when i get out of the shower.  but you know what i miss the most?  summer mentality.  the casualness of it all.  the beach spirit. summer dresses. sexy tops.  bronzed skin.  drinking chilled rosé.  no make-up, and looking better and healthier than i do at this very moment.  my summer body.  long daylight hours.  outdoor craft fairs. summer music festivals.  the "we'd like a table outside, please".  i hate eating inside at restaurants.  it's so restricting and uptight.  do i sound unhinged, or are you with me on this?   long weekends.  wrapping up work by 11a friday, so you can dodge out of town early and hit traffic with everyone else who pretends there's less earlier.  the summer joints that are closed all winter.  ice cold coronas.  flowers.  ahhhh, how i miss summer days, and summer nights. 

why do we live here on the east coast, waiting eight months so we can cram happiness and outdoor activities into four?  if you look at it that way, it's a bit depressing.  ok.  i'm depressed.  and now i completely hate people who live in florida and cali.  (not hate, but you know what i mean.  hate.).

it's 4:40pm and there's still a glimpse of daylight on this miserable, rainy day.  maybe it's a good sign.  maybe there's hope.  maybe phil the groundhog won't see his shadow (or is it the other way around?), and spring will be here before we know it.  until then, i'm going to dream of the beach.  salty hair.  my bare, pretty pedicured feet.  stay focused and committed to eating healthy.  and shop f/w sale. that'll make me feel a little better.  

what do you miss about the summer?

peace out.  until next time.

wishing you beach, love and happiness...,

R. xx



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